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Strategically located in the metro Detroit, Michigan area,          ComPlas Engineering Plastics is a custom formulator of high quality, engineered thermoplastic resins. ComPlas offers a comprehensive array of engineering polymers with standard and custom formulations tailored to meet your needs.  We can provide formulations with base polymers such as PP, PA, ABS, PC, POM, & PBT with various glass, mineral, & other additive formulations. 

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We provide application development, technical service, and onsite field support. ComPlas specializes in project development, material testing and material & reinforcement selection. We provide expertise to support customers through the material selection process.


Our experienced team provides formulation assistance that draws on our over 30 years experience with various commodity & engineering polymers and various reinforcement packages.  ComPlas specializes in product formulations/compounding, additive development, material testing and material & reinforcement selection.



Once decisions have been made on the formulation, products chosen, ComPlas will make sure we exceed expectations in value and material performance expectation. ComPlas is committed to product peformance, consistency and customer support throughout the process.  We make your needs our priority.

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